Japan Balsam Pear Fat Loss Soft Capsule

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Product Name: Balsam Pear Fat Loss Soft Capsule

About product: Balsam Pear Fat Loss Soft Capsule-A natural, herbal, fruit plant slimming product, eliminate body stagnant, releasing harmful material, whiten skin, eliminate the pimples. Do not need to go on a diet, lose weight quickly. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the energy factors do not enter the human blood, but, only act on the important part where the fat is absorbed by the body - the small intestine. By changing intestinal cells mesh stagnation sugar, fat and high calorie absorption of macromolecules, therefore it is free of side effects.

Ingredients: elaterin, hawthorns extract, Cassia and so on.

Usage: oral take one pill for each time, twice a day; morning and evening before meals.

Targeted weight Loss: Focus on waist, belly and the position where fat easily accumulated

Functions: Lose weight, slim figure; enjoy beauty care effect in the herbal way.

Suitable Age: People above the age of 18 and under 60

Specification: 400 mg x 60 caps

Storage: Store under shade and dry environment after sealing

Shelf Life: 24 months

Caution: Not applicable for Children, pregnant and lactation women, heart disease, high blood pressure and palsy history in the family shall not use.


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